woensdag 14 februari 2018

Valentines Today

Valentinesday today & to celebrate I baked (some of) our bread this morning in my heartshaped tin. To make it a bit extra special, I only have one of those tins so the other one is an ordinairy round bread... 

It's a bit sad when you see all those red and pink hearts, roses and cards around. When you're always on your own. But luckily those feelings did not last. As I looked over to the chair where Charlotte is sleeping, looking adorable as ever and often up for a cuddle. Than you remember it's just a day to celebrate love and that can be between owner and pet too. So I gave her a kiss on top of her head, put the kettle on plan to watch a movie with Mom a bit later today:) 

Happy Valentines Day,
Jo's Daughter

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