maandag 23 april 2018

Poffertjes & Pudding

It’s been sunny and warm here in the south of Holland. We had little rain and one single flash of lightening. But it was definitely time to be baking poffertjes....

With a dessert of raspberry pudding, yummy! I tend to do little these days beside cooking. Haven’t touched my knitting, still not started on the peacock Christmas ornament I want to make. Not seen any movies or been shopping or anything. I guess it’s all because I haven’t been feeling too happy lately. Tried to share that with you earlier but chickend out. It’s no fun hearing that someone is low, isn’t it. But you probably noticed that the words I write are getting less and the pictures are not of my homemade creations but “just meals”. Hope you’ll stick with me & as always love hearing from you!

Jo’s Daughter

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