zondag 3 juni 2018

Apricot Mousse & a Shelf in my room

We’re going to the fleamarket today, in the village where Pale Rose cottage stands it’s held once a year. I’m hoping to find something nice for on the shelve of my room...

Currently it’s like this, see picture above. I like the cat painting and picture & the plant has well potential. But I think it would need a little something to lift it up a little. Not sure what it is yet that would do the trick. But I might know it when I spot it at the market. Hope the weather will hold for I’m not looking forward to getting wet. Now enjoying some apricot mouse and yoghurt, then we’re off so wish me luck!

How have you been? Making mouse of apricots? Going to the fleamarket? Have ideas to add some life to the shelf in my room? Do tell us all, we love to know!

Best wishes,
Jo’s Daughter

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