maandag 2 juli 2018

Full of Feathers

Look what flew into our cottage window, and was laying on the ground rather dazed. A pretty little bird. In Dutch is called a Boomkruiper, not sure its English name. We picked him up, petted him and spoke encouragingly to him, in the hope he would “come round gain” surrounded by love...

Which he did and after sitting on my hand for a long time he started to move a bit. So I went back into the garden & he flew away, perfectly ok with no broken bones. What a great feeling, for at first we wondered if everything was good and healthy with this pretty little bird  & what a fantastic beginning of the day here at Pale Rose! A wonderful thing to remember such a cute bird being safely back into the wild again :)

Something else adorable on this day is our Charlotte, she liked the bird that hit our window. But after realising this was not a playmate or a plaything, she went back to sleeping on her blanket. She has a nice collection of dove feathers at her side there, found by us & not from her kills. Perhaps our girl is dreaming of catching birds?

Have you ever had a bird hit a window of your home? Was it ok afterwards? Have you got a cute cat or somthing else you wish to share, do tell us all. We are curious as ever ;)

All my best,
Jo’s Daughter

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