zondag 29 juli 2018


With the warm weather we’ve been having, laundry is drying outside pretty fast. We bring it in to fold on the diningtable & when the washclothes had but a tiny bit of drying  to go, left them on the table for a minute or so. Our Charlotte noticed them straightaway & wanted to help press them...

Doesn’t she look beautiful and like a model with that pose?! I’m so impressed with her laundry skills. The washclothes looked really flat and even ;)

Something else that looked really good was my moms veggie goulash. Which we had for lunch, such a shame you could not join us, as it was delicious :)

How have you been? Melting like us? Doing laundry? Have taken cute pictures of your pet? Do tell!!

Best wishes,
Jo’s Daughter

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