donderdag 12 juli 2018

Smells Great

Looking through our digital photoalbum I came across this one, from when mom and I went to a workshop about scent a couple of weeks ago. I realised I never shared it with you. Not because I did not want to, but I completely forgot...

Scent can do a lot with people and experiencing different types with a group of women was really enjoyable. We had tea and a biscuit, smelled lavender and roses, drank a mint and orange water. Gave the person you came with a handmassage, listened to sounds like the one comming from the bowl in the picture above. Had a headmassage with a weird metal thing and mannaged not to laugh. Generally we had a really great time! The lavender and rose smells are my faborite as they remind me of our garden. Which has lavender in it and a rather pale rose, hence the name of oud home.

Have you ever been to a workshop about scent? Love the smell of lavender like us? Do tell, we like to know!

Best wishes from all of us,
Jo’s Daughter

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