vrijdag 20 juli 2018

Strawberries from the Garden

Despite the heat our beloved Charlotte likes to sleep upstairs on her fluffy blanket. We tried to persuade her to come downstairs with us & sit by the electric fan. But she is having non of it, the blanket us her favorite....

As she is so enjoying her little place so much we decided to leave her to it. We want her to be happy even if that means we don’t get to see her much on a day and really miss her company.

Something we see a lot of are our wild strawberries. The plant we grew from a single seed is doing rather well, created a few more plants and so we can harvest a small handfull of warm strawberries every day. How delicious!i

Hope you are well! How have you been coping with the heat? Missing your cat? Eating your homegrown strawberries? Do tell!

Best wishes as always,
Jo’s Daughter

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