zondag 8 juli 2018

Tofu “Chicken”

On a day when it is so hot that you cannot sit outside in the sun with a good (read Jane Austen-) ) book. You spend time inside with a cookbook & make a long list of dishes you want to try. Being persuaded by my mom to make one of the dishes on my list, I braved the heat in our kitchen & made Tofu “Chicken” with my mom...

Which is tofu with a crunchy cornflake layer on the outside. It was a bit messy to do, but also great fun. Watching cornflakes fly through the kitchen because we had the fan on to keep us cool. It went really well all considderd . And  as dinnertime approached us I could hardly contain my curiousity. Tasted great!! Of course I can hardly remember what an actual chicken tastes like, after being a veggie for so many years. But I felt it was a great succes. One we will definetly make again on a colder day :)

Have you ever made tofu chicken? Was it a succes? Are you coping with the heat? Do tell, we love hearing from you!

Best wishes,
Jo’s Daughter

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