zondag 19 augustus 2018

Charlotte & Sunflowers

Life at Pale Rose cottage is more pleasant now we have “normal” temperatures again & we’ve been watching Royal recipes on tv, reading cookbooks and gone to a carbooth sale were we left without a single purchase...

It was just all old bits and pieces, a lot of “junk”. Charlotte is more her natural self aswell btw, when it was boiling hot here she went on top of the kitchen cabinets and tried to feel a brease at the ventilating system there. I’ll show you a picture of it here above. Don’t you just want to give her a cuddle?!

We did a bit of mending of the bedcovers, went for a walk & mom had to go to hospital to have her eyes checked. Not so great news, she will be needing an eye operation so, that deserved  some sunflowers to cheer her up a bit, as far as that is possible. Still we try to enjoy spending time together and strengthening our band.

How have you been? Feeling better with the cooler weather? Give your cat a lot of cuddles? Had some bad news? Do tell, we so like to keep in touch!

Jo’s Daughter

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