donderdag 16 augustus 2018

Emma's Lavender Sachet

Most of our lavender plants have not survived the heat or more likely the white fungus things that came over it. But in our frontgarden it was all ok, so we could still harvest a small amount of lavender & I made a pretty but simple sachet for it....

I called it Emma’s sachet, not because it is for an Emma. But as I embroiderd the line from Jane Austens amazing book on it. I love to decorate my room in all things Austen. As my budget only goes so far & as I like to craft I make them myself. Her heart was in a glow, such a nice line I had to use it :)

On the front I made an actual heart out of felt. It smells lovely, helping a bit with my headaches & just adding a nice touch to my “tea table”. So simple and yet so special to me!

All my best wishes,
Jo’s Daughter

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