zaterdag 25 augustus 2018

Mr Darcy joins the Party

You might, or might not, remember that I made Jane Austen inspired dolls some time ago. I searched for ideas about creating a Mr Darcy to accompanying them....

Found nothing that matched the idea in my head, or the size of my wallet ;) So I spend some hours this week changing the Jane Doll pattern from a female to a more male shape. A bit taller, bigger head & adding ears. Not that a lady does not have ears but the hairstyle nor the pattern lend itself to it.

But anyway, making the jacket was a challange, I’ve seen plenty of them in my favorite Austen films & yet I felt it nescesary to see them again just to get a better idea. It took time away from the sewing but I enjoyed myself immensly as always. The Mr Darcy doll got finished as you know & I rather like him. He doesn’t support himself standing up but a small pin helps with that and he does look better standing tall as apposed to sitting down with Lizzie and Jane.

Now I just have to make a gentleman to sit besides Miss Tilda, currently on the shelf ;) !! A new project I put first on my list of crafting wishes.

Have you made any Austen inspired dolls? Or don’t care for them? Spend the week sewing, or watching Sense and Sensibility for the 200th time? Do tell!!

Best wishes from me,
Jo’s Daughter

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