woensdag 29 augustus 2018

Veggie Fish Steaks

In one of my cookbooks I found the recipe for Veggie Fish steaks. Tofu wrapped in seaweed and fried in the airfryer. A simple dish we whipped up on a grey day with the promisses of rain. So we stayed indoors here at Pale Rose & got cooking...

It was a bit messy getting the batter on & a bit tricky having the seaweed stick to the tofu. But it worked in the end and with a salad we had a special dish for dinner. Now I cannot really remember what fish taste like, being a vegetarian for soooo many years.

But I did not found it’s flavor there. Tasted nice, was fun to make with my mom aswell but no fish or steak texture for me. Did get the idea to try my cookbooks Veggie Tuna burger recipe soon. Who knows thst might become my new favorite, could be :)

Have you ever tried to make food to taste likd fish? How did you manage it? Or is it simply not possible to get that flavor yourself... Love to hear from you as always.

Best wishes,
Jo’s Daughter

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