zaterdag 18 januari 2020

Apple Dishes & Get well wishes

Hello, I’m back. No not from a trip but back to being healthy. It’s been two weeks of flu for  me. I’ve felt better, bit now I really do ;) So I went into Pale Rose’s kitchen and made a few apple dishes..

maandag 6 januari 2020

Three Kings and a Candle

Three Kings have  come to stay on our nature table. A special candle we got from a dear friend was lit this morning.

woensdag 1 januari 2020

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone!!! Hope you’ve had a great change of the year. We at Pale Rose cottage spend it together....

donderdag 26 december 2019


Hope you all had a lovely Christmas. We did not celebrate at Pale Rose cottage, but visited my sister. It was a wonderful and warm day if catching up and celebrating together....

dinsdag 26 november 2019

Color and Light

Lots of grey skies surrounding Pale Rose cottage, but inside on our nature table, there is light...

maandag 11 november 2019

St Martins Day

Happy St Martins Day everyone, our lanterns are already shining on our naturetable. Hopefully there will be singing children at Pale Rose cottage’s door...

dinsdag 29 oktober 2019

Happy Wedding day Mom and Dad

Mom and Dad’s wedding anniversary again & what a fantastic thing to celebrate!! Such a lovely couple they make, just like these tiny gnomes :)
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