woensdag 15 mei 2019

Birthday Cats

Today its our beloved Charlottes birthday, can you believe it? Gosh our girl is growing up fast. Like yesterday we remember her being born just a day ago & holding her completely on a single hand...

zondag 12 mei 2019

Celebrating Mom

Hope you’ll have a happy Mothersday !! We are sipping tea or coffee for dad, chatting and...

zaterdag 11 mei 2019

Almost Mothersday

A special day tomorrow, Mothersday & a time to make mom know how amazing she is. The lilac flowers in our cottage garden are at their best, so we brought a few of them indoors to enjoy...

maandag 6 mei 2019

Flowers, Muffins & a Friend

Flowers and Muffins, two of a long list of my favorite things :D These beautiful flowers were given to me by a dear friend when she came to visit us a few days ago, so stunning!

woensdag 1 mei 2019

Wow, Lemon & Cow

I might have told you already, I know I told a few at least, that our Miss Lemon had flowers. I spend some time playing ”Bee” this past week, no I didn’t buzz or sting. But I tried to get each flower to become a Lemon for us. Sadly six out of Seven flowers didn’t quite catch. I have never done this sort of thing before, Miss Lemon the first who sadly isn’t at Pake Rose anymore  had no flowers. I was a bit sad to see so many petals fall to the ground....

zaterdag 27 april 2019

Kingsday Today

Kingsday is here again and though we are not really celebrating, my friend is coming over for lunch and to watch a movie. We haven’t decorated Pale Rose in all things orange for today, but the tulips we got for Easter are still looking pretty and rather... orange :)

donderdag 25 april 2019

Crafting at the Cottage

The crafting bug took center stage again at Pale Rose cottage. We’ve been busy as bees knitting, sewing and doing crochet. So I thought to share two of my little projects that I’m a bit proud of...
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