woensdag 13 maart 2013

Popovers & a Purple surprise

Here's a picture of our purple shopping basket & a little black board on which mom always writes fun things. Below a photo of the same basket, but with a surprising contense...

Yes, that's our cat Charlotte hiding in it. Her ears are just about sticking out of it & she's convinced that we cannot see her, as she cannot see us :) Charlotte loves to play this game. Super cute, purple is one of my favorite colors and it really suits her.

I've been baking goodies for dinner. Nothing sweet though, I made goatcheese popovers. I found a recipe for them online and wanted to try it sometime. It's nice to do some baking when outside it's cold and snowing all the time. All the snowdrops are now covered with a white and fluffy looking blanket of ice. So with the oven on and the smell of baking floating through Pale Rose we felt rather cozy.

You baked the popovers just as you would bake cupcakes and I made them for lunch. Dad did not want to try them. He does not care for goatcheese. But mom and me had them with a big green salad. Here's a picture of them just out of the oven. And underneath is another one. This time on my plate, don't they look yummy. I can confirm that they tasted really nice.

At Pale Rose we like to do some home-decorating. You know, simple style... by changing a few little things or getting some new decorative objects. We went to the garden center and got a new plant. An African Violet it's called in English I believe. We wanted to get a purple one, but they did not have any. So we got this, well cerise color & I like it a lot. "Sadly" so does ChloĆ« and on more than one occasion we had to save the plant from piercing cat teeth. It's not that she actually wants to eat it/needs a bit of green. She just wants to chew on it's leaves...

While we where at the garden center we also had a look at their non-plant items. They sell beautiful cushions, amazing mixing bowls with hearts on them for cooking. Lots of other pretty things too. All come with a large pricetag & we just window-shopped or should I say dream-shopped. Admiring and chatting about it, but leaving all at the store.

Then out of the corner of my eye, I spotted a kitchen magnet with a really cute picture on the front. Two little kids dressed as bakers & the French words for what I believe to be: my recipe box. I'm not sure if that's correct, my French isn't great. Here's a picture of it & you guessed it, we took this one home.

It's a faded image, but I like that old photo look. It's now got a happy spot on our fridge and I smile every time I open the fridge door. It was still a bit expensive (I thought) for a small magnet but Dad treated me to it, thank you dad! Now a picture of a stunning Helleborus, we did not get this one but how pretty it looks:

Do you have a cat who likes to play hide & seek? Cook or bake with goatscheese? Like to go to the garden center? Or love "old" photo's? Tell me all about it...

Best wishes,
Jo's Daughter

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