zaterdag 23 maart 2013

Preparing for Easter

Palm Sunday tomorrow & that will not go unnoticed here at our cottage. My mom clipped a bit of green from our garden, strung some raisins, picked out a knitted rooster, a few beeswax eggs, some ribbons. Then she turned it all into this amazing decoration for Palm Sunday, I think it's simply beautiful...

Easter is getting closer and closer & we have been busy here at Pale Rose. Recipe books are being re-read, decorations are being pulled out of the closet, we surf the internet for inspiration. Mostly I just saw a bunch of vintage cards there. Spring flowers, rabbits and chickens, girls and many eggs. Cute but nothing crafty to recreate for our home. So when we were at the closest mall, we went to see what was on sale for Easter in a few shops.

For some reason Easter isn't as big as Christmas. Then you're bombarded with all things festive. But with Easter you have to be a little bit more creative. Most shops we have been in, did not have anything to our liking. Lots of happy bunnies and bright chickens. Butterflies and butterflies a plenty. Great for kids but not really our cup of tea. After a while (and a few shops later) I spotted a melamine plate in white and lilac for displaying 6 eggs. Simple but nice & for a really good price, o dear am I starting to rhyme again?

We bought the little plate for 6 eggs and when we did some grocery shopping at the supermarket we got some pretty paper napkins with rabbits on them as well. Just as adorable as some of the vintage prints I looked at online. They will make the table look lovely I'm sure. At last something to get into the spirit of things.

In a cooking magazine I had seen a recipe to make an Easter cake and they had decorated the top with little chicks made from sugar. I really liked them and had even torn out the page so that I could look at it again. Not much else in the magazine that interested me so why not rip it out I reasoned ;) Yesterday dad came home with a surprise behind his back. He made me guess what it was & I didn't know... He got me some sugar chicks to go on our Easter cake. Just like the cute Easter chicks I saw in the magazine. So sweet of him, thanks Dad!

In the bag were white, yellow, pink, green and orange chicks. I took out a few and placed them on our new egg plate. See picture above. Aren't they fun, under the plate you can see our tablecloth from Sostrene Grenen. A Danish shop in Groningen. My sister has been there and they sell great things she told me, including tablecloths. Ours is white with purple stripes on it and it sorta matches the plate. I might actually use this one for Easter, or maybe our pink one. Still have enough time to decide.

Mom and me also made a small decorative Easter scene in our livingroom. A wreath of moss, a flannel knotted bunny, a candle, a small branch, 3 beeswax eggs and a few early daffodils put together. It just scream springtime, in a good way. I think it's super cute and don't mind so much now that we couldn't find any more fun stuff to buy. It's always best to make your own party decorations & you do not need much to create a nice atmosphere.

I am also planning on baking a Kulich, a Russian Easter Bread. We saw some pretty Kulichs on google and I found a recipe that caught my eye. You bake them in a tin. You know a tin that might have contained beans at some point. So we are going to have to eat some beans before Easter. So that we have the tins in which to bake our Russian Easter bread. The things we do for Easter hey? lol...

Doing something special on Palm Sunday? Are you busy planning your Easter party? Ever baked a Kulich? Tell me all about it!

Until next time,
Jo's Daughter

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