zondag 17 maart 2013

St Patricks Day

Happy St. Patricksday !

It's March 17 again and that means it's St Patricks day. I'm not wearing my green sweater today, it's still hanging on the washingline. But I got some "unusual" nail-treatment to make up for that...

My sister helped me put this on (no way could I have done it myself) & it's super festive I think. Clovers and flags :D

Pale Rose Cottage isn't decorated in green or shamrocks for this holiday. We do have some clovers growing in the windowsil. One is shown in the first picture of this post. But they are not there especially to remember St. Patricks day. We got them at New Year, for luck & they are still going strong.

There was a bit of green in my breakfast this morning. I had tea & a bun with lettuce and cheese. What do people traditionally eat on Paddy's day if they are vegetarian? I don't even know... Will have to look into that, maybe I can start a tradition next year.

I recently baked my soda bread, a really simple bread with no rising time at all. I suppose that's Irish isn't it. Didn't eat any of it today though, finished the last slice a while ago. This bread goes super fast & it's not too-BIG to begin with. I always make Nigel's recipe & it's great with a bit of butter, honey & cinnamon.

I'm thinking it would be fun to watch an Irish movie today with mom, Leap Year...
I know what date it is: March 17, but you see so much of the prettyness of Ireland in it. Also I thought it was a funny story so, who cares really. I'm in the mood for Leap Year at St. Patricks day :) Just have to persuade mom to join me.

I'm curious, how do/did you spend this day? Celebrating? Wearing green?

Happy St. Pats to you all,
Jo's Daughter

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